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  • Clan-Rules

Hey guys, First of all we would like to welcome you to our servers and forum.

In this document you will find our basic rules and some general information on our servers.

M|A|D clan currently has 3 game servers and 1 Teamspeak server running.

Fearzone NoQuarter server (spawnkill forbidden!)

Fightclub Etpub server

Mad - Warfare Mad Warfare Mod
Noobzone (currently offline) Etpub server,
running original Et maps (spawnkill allowed)


First off, we pay for our game servers. So it our rules, not the ones you make up as you go along or found on other servers

Our server admins have the right to remove any player at any time with or without notice. It is their discretion.

The following rules are in effect at all times. You will not:
- spam the chat console with meaningless text
- spam the team chat with excessive radio communications
- use vulgarity or excessive profanity (a little is allowed )
- make racial, homosexual or other biased or derogatory statements
- be abusive/cruel to our members in any manner at any time.
- be abusive/cruel to other players in any manner at any time.
- cheat or use exploits , we do not tolerate this and is an instant ban
- intentionally kill or harm a teammate
- promote or recruit for your clan, this could get you kicked,muted,banned
- accuse another player of cheating or using exploits without proof
- behave in an immature or childish manner/whine
- spawncamp is not allowed, you will be warned or kicked
- spawnkilling is not allowed in any instance, kick or ban may follow
- TeamSpeak if you choose to use our teamspeak server, the language and abuse rules apply here too.

At all times, with or without notice, we reserve the right to:
- remove a player to make room for a clan member
- remove, either by kick or ban, any player
- remove a player that has a username that is offensive or derogatory
- reset the server to remove all players at once
- move the server to a map of our choice
- execute banlists and other scripts to safeguard our server from known and potential threats
- add any player to our banlist
- forceclass weapons on all or individual players
- display warnings or mess ages onscreen
- display in our forums, screenshots of cheaters caught on our server
- display in our forums, GUID's, IP addresses, names of cheaters caught on our server
- report for global ban to anti-cheat organizations, any player caught cheating or using exploits
- remove or mute any person on our TeamSpeak

A banned player may submit an appeal for ban-removal by starting a new post on our forum, it is suggested that you make a polite request explaining why you feel your ban should be lifted, the chances are that if you are aggressive in your request, then it will be refused. We will discuss this matter and make a decision. You will be notified by email of the outcome of our decision in no more than 7 days from the date submitted.

If your ban is with an anti-cheat organization, you will need to take the matter up with the administrative persons there.

Ban Evasion - If you get banned from our servers you are banned completely, having another ID to play on the servers, does not entitle you to ignore that ban and carry on playing on the servers. If you are caught evading or ignoring your ban, we will permanently ban any further IDs that you are found playing on

DO NOT ACCUSE OTHERS! - Even if you suspect them of cheating or playing unfairly. Use our forums to submit any relevant data to the Server Admins and they will look into the situation. Accusing others only serves to ruin the gameplay and interrupt others who just want to have a good time. (Post There In-Game Name and relevant information on our forum)

NO CRUDE OR VULGAR LANGUAGE on the gameservers. If you are caught being offensive or abusive to other players, our admins will ban you from our server. People play the game for fun, players do not expect to receive abuse. We have a zero tolerance policy - if you act anti-socially, then expect to be dealt with accordingly.

RESPECT THE ADMINS and comply with all of their requests. Ignoring or taunting the admins is a very good way to get kicked or banned. Our admins are real people and have their limits. If you feel you are being treated improperly by an admin, contact us using our Forums.

If you have any general questions about our servers or forum, or complaints against an admin, please start a new post in our forums. We will address the issue, either publicly or privately. You may or may not receive notice of the outcome of actions taken against an admin, if any.

Play Fair - Do not spoil the fun of the game for other players with any disruptive behaviour.

Non-Members who wear our tag M|A|D are subject to an Instant Ban, there are no exeptions

Spectating - We understand players do go spec to have a cigarette, go the loo or whatever reason, but please remember we keep our servers at 25 slots, and if you go spec for 20 minutes all you will have done is prevented someone else from joining the server. If an Admin is on the server chances are you will be kicked after a reasonable time has been given to you.

Gameplay Our servers are objective orientated, we do not like Rambo medics or any other class who are only interested in there own score, be warned about this, players have been banned in the past for not teamplaying.

We reserve the right to amend this list of rules with or without notice. This list is not meant to be all inclusive but is meant to offer examples of what is or is not allowed on our servers.

Once again M|A|D clan welcomes you to our servers and forum

Have Fun!

The M|A|Ds


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