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29.12.2010, 21:01  

Rules For Server Teams

M|A|D is the only clan on server, all others are server teams not clans.

All server teams are owned by M|A|D.

M|A|D owns all server team tags, we can change them or remove them if we wish.

When a team leaves M|A|D servers the tag stays with us.

Any team seen using this tag if they have been removed as a server team will be banned.

Each server team is given a forum section on the M|A|D website you are expected to use it.

No abuse will be allowed forum space and no posting of porn will be allowed, if a player posts abuse or porn he risks being kicked.

We have the final decision on every issue regarding the teams or players.

A player can be kicked from the team for not following the rules of the server.

Every member of a server team is expected to set an example to other players on our servers.

A player kicked from one team will not be allowed join any other server team.

Team leaders and members are expected to follow all instructions given by a M|A|D member.

Disrespecting a M|A|D clan member will not be tolerated at all.

If a player wishes to switch from one team to another this can only be done with permission from his team leader.

Absolutely no recruiting from other server teams.

Players are to be recruited from the server that they play most on, no poaching players from other M|A|D servers. So if you spend most of your time on Fearzone then you are to be recruited only by a Fearzone team.

Players are expected to have read the M|A|D server rules and follow them.

All server team members must be registered on the forum.

The server team leader can be replaced if we feel that they are not doing their job correctly.

Maximum players per team is 10 unless given special permission by a senior M|A|D member.

A team can be closed at anytime by a senior M|A|D member, reason will be given if possible, sometimes to protect M|A|D private business it may not be possible to do this.

If a warning is needed it will be posted in the teams forum section.

If a player gets kicked from a team and is recruited under a different name then he will be banned totally from our servers along with the team leader if he knew about it.

Remember that the rules are tougher for server team members, you are the first teams that new players meet when they join our servers so you must set an example.

Abuse on servers will not be tolerated at all, if you are found doing this you risk being kicked from team.

These rules are in addition to the normal server rules.

M|A|D has the right to edit these rules at anytime as needed.

This topic will be locked so any questions regarding these rules should be made to a senior member by private message.

PIT- Perfekt in Form und Funktion
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