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M|A|D [Mr.Pit] Clanmember
> mAsTeR bOoB <

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registered: 08.03.2009

06.03.2012, 20:59 quote 

Hello Friends and Players.

We got the announcement that the rootserver is going to be shut down.
This mean that on 15-03-2012 Fearzone is history.

We got a few options, and the admins are talking what we should do.

There is going to be a new server. only how, when and where i dont know yet.

So stay tuned and watch information here.

Greetz Pit

PIT- Perfekt in Form und Funktion

> bLOoDy bOoB <

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registered: 09.07.2009

06.03.2012, 21:11 quote 

that is sad.
someone who has ftp should make copy of files from server, it´s good to have them.
hard work will not be gone. And may you will run server once again.

> neWbIe bOoB <

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registered: 26.03.2008

06.03.2012, 22:44 quote 

I am very sorry
play here for many years
and I met many friends....mad
I hope everything will be resolved well

Where i come from
XFire= mentesicula , feel free to add me to your Buddy L

={FF}=V!ru$!*? Clanmember
> neWbIe bOoB <

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registered: 14.03.2011

06.03.2012, 23:27 quote 

damn . so funny to play here. im miss that server ... traurig

M|A|D [Wur$T] Clanmember
> bLOoDy bOoB <

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registered: 13.03.2011

06.03.2012, 23:48 quote 

we are tryining to get a soluionlächeln stay here on the site for news of pitti or me or someone else we are doing our bestlächeln


Ninja Nick
> neWbIe bOoB <

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registered: 05.03.2012

07.03.2012, 00:34 quote 

Typical...Just as I start playing again. The same happened with Hive when I was on there, but this server is much better than Hive ever was, so I'd actually miss it. Lets hope something positive happens lächeln

Muad'Dib Clanmember
> mAsTeR bOoB <

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registered: 09.05.2008

07.03.2012, 00:51 quote 

This is offcourse verry sad news! But I believe there is a future... if I am correct, files have been shared between Cambo and Pit. Fronteuh has given addvice for the future..

We can make this happen, just because the creator of M|A|D is retirering isnt an excuse for the future generation to carry on and amplify the message.

The creation of a worldwide team connect true the same believe for the simple sake of love for ET! We ow respect towards cambo and the entire M|A|D community for their time, money, friendship and simple joy but it will not be lost! M|A|D is strong and will survive this harsh period and live on, with forever gratetued to cambo espcially and many others. We can, and will, keep this beautifull community alive. But online if each and every one of us is willing to invest time and interest to combine our strenghts and keep our future combined!

Our motto, get skilled or die trying is only to be tested! So apply community members for web designing,server testing, tell your skills and stay tuned!

Especially pay attention to ={FF}=Phantom PL because he's gathering contacts as we speak, may we reunited very soon on a different IP with the same amount of fun!

Once more: Thank you Cambo, Raphael and MADS all around the world for these fantastic years and the simple joy you have given us!

Heroes don't die, they just reload!

={FF}=Phantom PL
> cHiCkEn bOoB <

76 Posts

registered: 30.09.2011

07.03.2012, 01:40 quote 

I would rather not say that M|A|D is going down... I would like us to transform, reorganise and keep doing everything we were doing until this moment has finally come. There is no goodbye, no ending, just a change. Of course sadly I cannot get all the contacts and I regret this, some people I know for years and they used to come sometimes on Fearzone and I will probably loose any contact with them because they were playing only here. I was online for circa 12 hours today just because of the fact that I thought Fearzone is closing in 1 day, not 1 week. I have gathered a large amount of contacts of every sort: email, skype, xfire, facebook... I do what I can, tell my contact data to everyone who is interested. I was trolling people today for almost 8 hours asking them for a contact data. I have also made a full copy of this forum's member accounts with email adresses included. Some of them are outdated for sure, but it still gives a big chance of keeping in touch. In my opinion even if MAD officials won't establish the new server we will gather in other place on field... We must stick together and that is most important for now, not to lose any single man. If anybody, I repeat anybody is interested in helping me in any way or just want me to give him any contact to anybody I can provide that information. Here I give all possible ways of contacting me, I am always in touch, I check my mail at least once a day, facebook, xfire and skype as well:
email: slawcio41[at]gmail.com slawcio41[at]wp.pl
skype: slawekbrain
facebook: facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000228867828&ref=tn_tnmn
xfire: slawcio41
I guess that is more than enough to catch me, so I repeat: don't lose each other player during th moving to another server (whatever server will it be). You can treat me like a MAD community contact center, I can also help with any other stuff: making tutorials, server testing, anything that is needed, and Pit, Wurst, Jente, Weed and the other new CEOs of reorganised community can feel free to ask me for any help. I think that for now it is all that I can say, and please stay in touch guys... We have made together so much that it couldn't just end with the server closing. The server is a machine, we are a community, alive organism that is connected between.
We cannot lose this final battle! So go on, stay tuned and maybe help with some technical stuff as volunteers? Everyone is welcomed, if You want to help just contact me. ALL IS IN OUR HANDS NOW!

Phantom PL

M|A|D [Bu!!] Clanmember
> mAsTeR bOoB <

557 Posts

registered: 11.12.2008

07.03.2012, 08:24 quote 

...still on FB there is a M|A|D page, most of us there so if anything happend here stay tuned there for final solution....hope IP!!! Pit, Wurste will gave you news when shit settle....thn i made Beer party!

Nab to the backbone!!!!

M|A|D [SAMSON] Clanmember
> mUpPeT bOoB <

250 Posts

registered: 27.10.2009

07.03.2012, 14:52 quote 

very nice words muad, good job phantom! we`ll handle it boobies lächeln

M|A|D [Wur$T] Clanmember
> bLOoDy bOoB <

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registered: 13.03.2011

07.03.2012, 15:26 quote 

Pit and i will go on with the work laterlächeln
!spank pitti !noobs wurst hehe
he get angry og minelächeln

> neWbIe bOoB <

9 Posts

registered: 15.03.2009

07.03.2012, 16:47 quote 

FearZone was, is and will be the best server ever! It was giving us fun since many years and It will give much much more!
All we have to do is keep in touch, reorganise new server and play ET to make our days better amüsiert We're playing ET for too long to just end it like that, or change to other servers so we wont be seeing each other .
As long as we , players are active and keep together fearzone wont be history!!

p.s wurst is noob erfreut

Greetz ! Destro (Destroyer512 on xfire)

Muad'Dib Clanmember
> mAsTeR bOoB <

606 Posts

registered: 09.05.2008

08.03.2012, 14:48 quote 

Germany M|A|D [SAMSON] wrote:
very nice words muad, good job phantom! we`ll handle it boobies lächeln


Heroes don't die, they just reload!
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