Colours meaning
- spawn is recapturable - everything is allowed
- no arty allowed area, beware possible spawn camping
- arty, heavy weapon, landmines, grenades and rifle grenades spawn killing area and also spawn camping area with any weapon




Hello Guys,

Here we will show you how to read this guide. First of all, in this document we use 4 important colours: green, orange, yellow and red (their meaning will always be on your left side).

Under colours is something like site-map or rather 'list of content' of this document. If You can't find on the list, a map which You are searching for, it means that it's not ready... yet.

Some of images can be commented - if description is necessary, it is located under the picture and it will appear when you highlight the picture (baloontips).

Coloured Areas

Areas shows where You CAN'T kill (every colour according to situation/weapon). You have to remember that area shows your ENEMIES location, not yours, you can be out of marked area and still be a spawnkiller.

* - red colour not always is a sk...there is few exceptions: sometimes we can see an enemy who coming out from his spawn (he is walking out from his colour area and then he came back there - then its not a sk and u can kill him. BE CAREFULL!! When u go after this guy to his spawn and his teammates will just spawn You can't hit them! Then its try to sk - it is also forbidden! Generally it's not good idea to go into enemies spawn, but if u must, be sure that you are shooting to man who came back to spawn. Dont use grenades and rifle grenades there! These weapons aren't so predictible as mp40 or thompson - you can just kill someone who wasnt at your aim, like just spawned enemy -> sk!
When on the map spawn is at open space, can happen that someone will start shooting to You or your teammate without leaving red area. You can kill him then cause he start this fight - so he was prepared. Remember - don't shoot first!

Very similar situation is with yellow area. You can kill Your enemy when he start fight with You or Your teammate. Don't use grenades and rifle grenades here also! Still u can kill someone else (e.g. who is going out of spawn).
NEVER use artillery or landmines at red or yellow area - there is no exceptions for these weapons!

Artillery support

Here is something that is very important and have to be mention. Orange area doesn't mean 'no artillery marker allowed here', it means 'no artillery here at all'!. So even if You put marker beside area, arms of Your artillerry can hit on the orange area. If it will kill someone - You are a spawn killer, if not - You tried to be (warn or kick anyway - You can't try to sk).
Artillery SpawnKilling example
the way you throw your arty marker

This arrow shows how You throw artillery marker.
place where you put your marker

This location is the target of your marker. Marker will stay on this position until it blows up.
arms of your arty in this situation

Red arrows here shows in which way Your support will make damage. You have to remember that arty arms are always perpendicular to Your marker 'fly way' (green arrow).



You can kill here until wall is destroyed.
After wall is destroyed, then the square becomes a spawnkilling area.
After wall is destroyed there is no arty allowed on whole square.



have no more pics of this map - one spawn missed
have no more pics of this map - one spawn missed



Supply Depot 2

V2 Base